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October 5, 2013
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I may be shooting myself in the foot here, but I felt like sharing this.
As many of you know, on the 9th of October, it will officially be 4 years since I released Super Mario bros Z episode 8 to the masses. It'll also be almost 19 months since I officially laid SMBZ to rest.
But, with the assistance of a friend, I was able to reacquire Flash and felt like trying out sprite animation again to see if I could re-ignite my passion to work on the series. As practice, I remade the first scene of the first episode of SMBZ. After a few months working on and off, this is the result.
Don't take this as confirmation that I will be working on the series again, but if I did, I would like to remake the series from the ground up. There were numerous things in the older episodes that I felt could have been done better. Namely the fight scenes, the story and the godawful dialogue. Here are some of the key changes I would implement.

1: Mecha Sonic will be replaced by Metallix.
For a supposed upgrade to Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic was a visual downgrade. The design for Metallix just looks more imposing than the original faceless design. Metallix was going to appear later in the series anyway as Mecha Sonic's perfect form after he got all the Chaos Emeralds.

2: The Pipe maze episode will be removed
The whole episode in general was filler suggested by a fan of the series because I didn't know what to do for the 5th Chaos Emerald. With that said, I feel it was poorly executed on my part. It was too dialogue heavy. It spouted out unnecessary exposition that had no bearing on the plot. And who can forget the ridiculous Deus Ex Machina moment with Kolorado's stopwatch. The 8-bit parts were kinda cool, but to me it couldn't save it from being a bad episode.

3: Captain Basilisx won't be in the remake
While Basilisx was well received by fans, I feel he was shoehorned into the plot. He just showed up out of nowhere with no backstory or buildup. I feel that also distracted from the anticipation of Mecha Mario's appearance and would have undermined the upcoming battle against the Koopalings.

For the time being, these are just ideas. I want to make sure that I would be willing and committed to work on this series again. I don't want to cancel it twice. Until then, enjoy the practice animation.
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icekirbyixi Featured By Owner 3 days ago
It's just funny how many comments this small animation brought in compared to his other works displayed here... xD
darkdrago25 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
I really, REALLY hope you remake the series, man. I have memories with the show and it gives me nostalgia. :/ 
WileECoyote-Genius Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Super Mario Bros Z was my goddamn childhood man. Imagine my childhood... remastered! It would be f**king sweet. My inner fanboy isn't 100% on board with taking out Captain Basillisx and removing the pipe maze episode, but I guess those are just the sacrifices you have to make as a storyteller. Good luck if you do decide to go through with this.
SoldierBoyXIII Featured By Owner 6 days ago
chauncey01 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
Let me credit you on one more thing. The time where you made Episode 9, scene 1. After just now re watching the whole series so far. By the time you actually made Scene 1 of Episode 9, you had lost interest in the series at that point. But you only did it to end any further speculation by the fans about who would save Mario (and I must say, of all the predictions I saw online, I saw nobody predict that Luigi would come back the way he did. So great job on tricking everyone!). Anyway, by the time you made scene 1, you were dis interested in the series, but you made it anyway. And even though you weren't interested, you still actually did a really good job on making that scene. The detail in it was really good. From the scene with Shadow, to the laughing dry bones and Luigi hitting that strike when he hit Bassilix. So shout outs to you, because you're really talented.
AZD-A9S Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
I hope you know what you are getting into.
Awesome by the way.
chauncey01 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
I have an idea. Maybe you can get someone to help you? For instance, you make the story, you do the fight scenes. But have someone else put in the sound effects and the dialogue? It would make it easier on you. But that's only an idea, you don't have to do it if you don't want to.
chauncey01 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 23, 2014
Wow. I thought the old one looked visually great. But this is absolutely stunning!!!!! Go Alvin-Earthworm!!!!!!!!
Rock-X Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
I want to say that this is pretty awesome how you re-did this scene, especially seeing that this only a practice run.  The one thing I want to suggest you do different if & when you decide to redo this series is this;  It would be best to treat Metallix as a horror monster movie creature & observe the rules to those horror movies.  For example, the 1st rule of a monster movie is to not show the monster until the end of the first act, you build up to the reveal.  Yes, its cool to see it right off the bat, but here I honestly think it would be better to have kept it in shadow, do a close up of its eye when it lights up, things like that.  You don't want to have it end up like "The Killer Eye".
Solarcis Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Except this isn't a horror series.
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