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April 1, 2013
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Marshmallows with his hot cocoa by Rukaisho Marshmallows with his hot cocoa by Rukaisho

Commission that I got from a_blue_deer of Moshie and her boyfriend Jordan, who is getting a little frisky with her.
Here's a short story to accompany it based on an RP me and Jordan-fox did:

After so long being together, Jordan had finally overcame his shortcomings and was finally going to get intimate with his beloved girlfriend, Moshie. After many nights of sleeping in the same bed in their underwear without shooting blood out of his nostrils, the couple finally thought it was time to move onto the next step. The two embraced each other lovingly in their arms as their mouths locked against each other. Moshie's petite naked frame writhing over him to help increase the sexual tension. She sat upright and looked down at him longingly*.

Moshie: Shall I? *She asked in a sultry tone.*

With a slow nod of his head, Moshie proceeded to lower herself down. Ready to lock them both together in sexual bliss until...... Jordan's alarm clock started buzzing. The vision he had longed for dissipating and sending him back to cold hard reality. Lying alone in bed in just his shorts with the sheets all ruffled and untucked from the mattress. He glanced at the clock with mild annoyance. It read 7 AM. Remembering now why he set his alarm in the first place, he slid out of bed and off to the shower to get his day started. He had promised Moshie that they'd go out shopping together that morning and he didn't want to oversleep. As he showered, he couldn't help but replay the final moments of that dream he had. It definitely left a longing impression in his mind. The young silver fox finished dressing and managed a quick bite to eat before heading out the door. Moshie didn't live far and he was able to walk to her apartment in just about 10 minutes. The morning was crisp, but the sun was out and shining quite beautifully, rather perfect day for Jordan to spend with Moshie, he thought.

Moshie was sat on her bed brushing her long brown hair with a stiff bristled hairbrush after spending her morning freshening herself up. Her fur was plush and soft with the sweet fragrance of strawberries from her special fur shampoo. Finishing up her locks of hair before she heard the doorbell ringing. She quickly hopped down the stairs and opened the door with a cheerful smile.

Moshie: Jordan! Good morning! *She said as she sealed the greeting with a soft peck on his lips*.

As Moshie kissed him, Jordan caught a decent whiff of her shampoo and absolutely melted inside. She really knew how to tickle at all of his senses at once, especially on the eyes. Moshie looked positively radiant. He felt slightly underwhelming for but just a second before shaking the thought away. Moshie was his girlfriend and knew she cared about him, as did he.

Jordan: Well, good morning, my little chocolate éclair. You're definitely looking more awake than I am this morning!

Moshie: *She could detect some bags under his eyes and sympathetically rubbed the back of her hand against one of his furry cheeks*. Aww... Had a rough night's sleep, did ya? Well, you're a little early right now. I can whip up some coffee for ya before we head out.

Moshie's gentle touch was good enough to lull him back to sleep, but Jordan fought the urge to close his eyes and topple over into a slumber.

Jordan: Hehe... That's alright. Never liked the taste of coffee much. I'll definitely wake up as we go along, ya know?

Moshie: Well, I was about to make myself a hot chocolate. You could have some of that instead? *She said as she took his big hand into her smaller hands and led him into the living room*. Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back. *She then pecked another small kiss on his forehead before she hopped off into the kitchen*.

He sat down on the couch and felt his mind wander back to those feelings he was having as he woke up that morning. The dream seemed so vivid to Jordan. It was one of those dreams that you swear you were truly experiencing before being snapped back into reality. One thing for sure though, is that Jordan knew he had very deep feelings for Moshie. She has never gotten angry with him or upset and has always been understanding about his mistakes and goof ups.

Jordan: *Speaking to himself* She's gotta feel the same way. We've been together for months and she's been just the most wonderful girl in existence. *Jordan stood up suddenly. He wasn't quite sure what he was gonna do, but he wanted to know how Moshie felt. He headed towards the kitchen.*

She was standing in front of the oven., scooping heaped teaspoons of cocoa powder into two mugs as the water boiled on the hobs. Her ears popped up and she peered over her shoulder at him with a smile.

Moshie: Oh, hi sweets. The hot chocolate is nearly ready. I'll be right with you shortly. *She then turned her attention back towards the stove and stirred the mugs with her spoon*.

Jordan nevertheless continued to approach her. He wanted to just blurt out a question like, "Moshie, do you love me?", but that seemed so silly. He knew in his heart that Moshie loved him, but yet... Jordan felt like he wanted to REALLY know. Moving ever so silently, Jordan's fox-like movements were as subtle and silent as could be as he narrowed the distance between himself and his girlfriend. Finally, Jordan was right behind her and totally unsure of what the heck he was doing. He glanced over Moshie's shoulder and saw her stirring the chocolate in the mugs. At the same time, he could smell that wonderful aroma radiating off of Moshie's fur. That heavenly, strawberry scent filled the nostrils of his wet nose and Jordan felt like melting away again. Without thinking, Jordan nuzzled his nose against Moshie's neck and took a gentle sniff. She was paying more attention to preparing their beverages to notice him moving up right behind her. Next thing she could feel was his big canine nose pushing into the back of her neck, giggling a little as it tickled her fur which made her flinch.

Moshie: Heehee... What are you doing back there? That tickles! XD

He couldn't help but take in as much of Moshie's scent as he could. It was just so enticing for him. Even as he buried his nose into Moshie's neck. One other thing caught Jordan's eye as he stood so close to his girlfriend; the zipper on her hoodie seemed a tad low. Low enough that he could see into her cleavage ever so slightly. It seemed totally ridiculous when he thought about it in his head, but Jordan couldn't take his focus off it. She had such a beautiful body, no exceptions with her fluffy tail and full breasts. This time, he knew what he was doing. Jordan slowly reached around the sides of Moshie's waist. Placing one hand on her ribs, the other on the tip of her zipper, Jordan began pulling southward, undoing Moshie's hoodie, A deep blush filling his cheeks. She had by this point completely frozen on the spot. Her heart rate increasing rapidly as her boyfriend made the first move on her in their 6 month long relationship. She quivered a little as she felt his warm body press up against her from behind. Not from fear but from anticipation. He couldn't tell if she was upset or not, but he couldn't stop now, he thought. As he continued to slowly unzip her hoodie, Moshie's chest fluff began to emerge and more so did her breasts. It felt like a very silent eternity to Jordan, but soon, the zipper had reached the end of its descent and Moshie's hoodie had flapped open completely. Her pert bosoms contained in her lacey bra pushed the opening of her hoodie wider as the zip went down. The zipper now completely unlatched, exposing her soft furry chest and stomach. Still keeping still as her big bushy tail twitched erratically behind her. Jordan crooned softly. His hands started to wander and caress the soft fur on her stomach. Slowly snaking up towards her breasts. Ready to seize the moment until…. he paused. The dead silence giving him a sense of unease before he ceased his advancement and backed off a few paces.

Jordan: *Finally picking up the nerve to speak, Jordan spoke to Moshie for the first time since entering the kitchen.* I… I’m so sorry, Moshie. I don’t know what came over me…

He then started to turn with his tail between his legs, feeling a little ashamed for what he did to her before he felt her hand grab hold of his wrist. He gazed deeply into Moshie’s big innocent eyes as she looked up at him. A deep blush also filling her fluffy cheeks.

Moshie: No… It’s okay. Please continue…

Moshie © :iconrukaisho:
Jordan © :iconwesker-wolf:
Artwork by a_blue_deer (FurAffinity)…
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What a colorful work of art! The shades of red are all very beautiful and send the message of playful love. The flowers in the background also set the tone very well. Because the art insinuates sexuality, it isn't very original in terms of furry artwork.

The impact is pretty strong as well because I chuckled when I saw it. It just goes back to the technique you used to show the playful love of Moshie and Jordan. I have but one problem visually: Jordan's ring and middle fingers on his left hand are blocky and the same length.

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Demon-Child-2 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
beautifully drawn and colored picture, all the emotions expressed so clearly, and a wonderful story. Quite the trifecta
Wolf-m3chanic Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I literally thought I stopped breathing while reading the story 0-0 still really nice job on this story XD
TheZacAttack Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Marshmallows and story time!! OwO mmmm! Zac's favorite.. <3<3<3
IBlackcrossI Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
Uhoo yea!
swagman12 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 10, 2014  Student General Artist
I get the innuendo of the title now...
DizzyBrony Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
have I ever mentioned how adorable this picture is~
asdtre Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng i love the story plz make more its REALLY cute !!!!!Heart Love Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) 
DJJ1172 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
you should right more shorts like this good work
fansjaguar Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
sexy cartoon
pittbull44 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
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