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June 25, 2012
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Kiyo updated armor design by Rukaisho Kiyo updated armor design by Rukaisho
[EDIT] Added armor to her feet and tail to keep the design more consistent and add more protection.

I've been drawing so many pinups and erotica since I created this new account that I figured I'd C.C.C.COMBO BREAKER myself with something a little different.
Some people may remember the armor design I came up with for my dragon character Kiyo back in January.

I figured now with the overabundance of sexy characters at my disposal, I would ditch the "less is more" approach with the design. Now she is clad in full battle gear worn only by the dragonkin elite. Her partner Draco will also be wearing this kind of armor, so expect to see that sometime in the future.
My grasp of drawing armor is pretty poor, so any critique regarding this is appreciated. Try to give actual feedback instead of one word/sentence comments, please.

Kiyo :iconrukaisho:
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Definitely nice, the scaled plating look given to most of the armor is really good, though it could use less armor around the joints and more of a thick chainmail to allow full range of movement. Assuming, that is, the armor is meant to be high-mobility. If it isn't, then this is perfect and you can disregard what I have to say. :XD: Read on at your leisure.

The armor itself looks like it could use a more aerodynamic feel, something less bulky and more windswept if its to allow for flight, and perhaps even a little 'light barding/armoring' to the wings and tail if it is meant as a protective armor instead of flight based. As much as I could say that the armor doesn't need to be black, the contrast to her natural scale color is very beautiful and fits quite well.

The headpiece is really well thought out, especially with the more draconic appearance and how it encases the head to near-completion. One thing I'd worry about is losing one's ears from that sort of helmet, since it seems to only wrap around the necessary parts and ignores that her ears would need SOME modicum of protection, be it a visor or even a backing of some sort.

The arms...well, they're fine, but the legs are a little bit of an oddity considering the full gauntlets on the arms. Normally you pair both armored boots together with armored gauntlets, rarely is it seen as one without the other. I'm sure there's some explanation here, but to me the stylistic choice on that just seems awkward and wholly useless should any part of the foot get cut off or damaged in a way that renders the armor useless...though I do suppose such a small target could be difficult to keep an eye on if its part of one's battle style. Either way, something is going on here that isn't fully explained that could use more explanation...certainly something that shall be seen later, hrm?

Oh, one last thing about the armor itself....what material is it made of? Depending on how malleable it is and whether the metal itself allows some bending, it may be just as flexible as chainmail...but as this looks to be plain armor made of a static metal, I can only imagine how much chafing might occur while wearing such armor.

My one suggestion on this part is to bulk it up a little, add a larger frame to it to allow for some moderate padding if it is indeed heavy armor. Few Knights(or fighters, or what-have-you) can wear heavy armor without much padding and not become badly shaken from being rattled around inside what is literally a tin can straightjacket. Even the strongest of people can succumb to simple bludgeoning damage, just look at some of history where medieval battles took place and you'll likely discover a lot of the basic damage done was not through the weapons but the armor...and they still had decent padding for it.

I know it may sound odd to add 'realism' to fantasy...but some things just need that small touch to make it cooler. Anyways, that's it for my critique, on the whole I found this to be a really great concept piece.
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This is awesome Armour taliet is the key here and every thing eals fantastic job Rukaisho keep up the good work. Well for I try to draw Armour but it never comes out the way I like it but I'll never give up trying I giving you 5 stars on very thing becase this Armour rocks I don't care what other people say about me saying this. You are awesome at drawing Armour and may I ask on who the charater this armours for. Well I don't know on what gave you this idea but it's awesome no matter what
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1WildAnimalRodriguez Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awsome stuff yo!
Neo-Draco Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
Hmm, well to be honest this looks pretty good. But I would open up the joint areas a little to give her greater range of motion, unless this is a mystical suit of armor. Oh and add armor to the underside of her tail.
Trash-meta Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Student Writer
I would definitely see this in a fantasy RPG, it would be great to have her as a playable character or a "SMART" AI companion. Although seeing it in a movie or comic would also be interesting. :D
KieranWalker Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Damn, now that's some armor.

The design of it seems pretty sound... I notice you didn't give her metallic cleavage, which is something a lot of people designing stuff like this are guilty of (the curves of the breast plate would drive the point of a sword straight into the heart, so it's not exactly sound design for a suit of plate mail). It actually looks like it'd be pretty effective in combat.
WheelJackson Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012   General Artist
She looks so badass!! :D
AcheronTheFox Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm digging that concept!
felousefarnayne Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
oooo looks really cool how you drew her with the armour, especially like the dragon designs in the armour also the colours are well chosen too nice work and keep it up n_n
Frostthehedgehog2 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
I rather like the change of pace in switching to do this picture. I love armor I am a sucker for it and this is a wonderful piece of work Mark.
kingfox66 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
that nice
Dimensional42 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
My personal opinion is that the mask over her face is a bit much. Just wanting to say that.
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